I’m not kind of photographer who’s going to blog each and every shoot as the “greatest, bestest, most favoritest (insert: family/wedding/donut/etc.) shoot EVER!” because, really, what are the chances that each successive shoot is going to top the one before it every. single. time? not bloody likely. (sorry. I’m on a Downton Abbey kick. I’m british in my head this week.) but… let me tell you about this wedding. it was small and intimate and absolutely lovely. somewhere in the georgia mountains in a cabin. and a ceremony that started with a walk on a dirt road that turned into a path through the woods down to the water’s edge. bare feet. a creek. waterfalls. second-shooter Joy bounding around like a gazelle. a couple who knew each other when they were young. then, relationships and children later, there they were again. together. and so incredibly joyful.                  as a parent, you’re not supposed to have favorites. but the truth is I do. it may change from day-to-day or moment-to-moment, but still. there it is. sort of the same with shoots. so with all that being said, this wedding it was one of the warmest and most sincere that I’ve ever had the privilege […]

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