my dad is a Conversation Bomber. he likes to bring up a topic, drop it in the middle of everyone, then step back and watch the explosion and fallout. there was one time he was with “the sisters” (my 8 aunts) and the uncles, and he says “you’re in the water, all your children are equidistant from you, drowning, and you only have time to save one. who would you pick?” and to all the protests of “I don’t know” or “I can’t even think about it”, he countered that in their heart of hearts, each of them knew exactly who they would save. there were arguments, people who left the room looking punch-drunk after several rounds, intermittent food breaks (but then again, there are always food breaks with my family). I’m not all that sure he always believes the side he argues on. he just loves a good debate. and a little bit pissing people off. but mostly, I think he enjoys challenging us to think and articulate (and for him to be proven right). there was this party at our house once, I was maybe a pre-teen. he got into this incredibly heated discussion (which I thought was […]

we are

I think I’ve stalled long enough into january to not feel obligated to write about the new year and fresh starts and rah! rah! rah! 2013! I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions. it’s just another day, really. but…there is something about starting or finishing a project or significant event on a clear, clean point. I’m anal enough to appreciate that. because I’m the kind of person who is bothered by things like widowed words, and mathematical remainders and orphaned socks. I appreciate things like the symmetry of a person dying on their own birthday, or twins marrying sibling twins. (wow, this post got weird, fast.) so instead of a drawn out telling of what 2012 was like (craptastic, with sparks of life-alteringly amazing), and what my hopes and dreams and plans are for 2013 (winning the lottery, and getting a pony), I’ll share with you using my own measuring stick. not of time and calendar, but of family. because my days are gauged by their health and happiness and homework. their extracurricular events and travel and behavior reports. their emotional drama, and independence versus mother-clinging. the juggling of schedule and mom-taxi-ing. their packed lunches and never-enough-snacktimes and dinner requests. this […]

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